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Nov 16, · How can i tell my husband i want to be spanked? the only way to get exactly what you want is to tell him exactly what you want and then practice it with him until he is doing it (and you) exactly the way you want! AnswerDude · 9 years ago. 4. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs messianic-dance-camps.info: Resolved.

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Tell your husband to go to your bedroom and undress to his briefs. Inform him that you will be up in a few minutes to give him a spanking. Let him wait ten or fifteen minutes, so he can think about the spanking he has coming.

Apr 15, · A lot of people have a spanking fetish. It's a very common one actually. My best advice is to listen to your husband and consider it. If you aren't comfortable spanking him tell him, but there's no Status: Resolved. I spank my husband Evan for fun in our sex life. I am now telling him to tell me to spank him harder, so that the spanking can end for him. jeans i for sure will tell you to spank me harder even so i think your spanking will be hard in first place but if i want punishment spanking over soon i will obey your command and ask to be spanked.
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How I started spanking my husband Ed. How I started spanking my husband. into something serious. I was just angry enough not to care. What I did like was how nice he was to me after the spanking." "Don't tell Tom this, but I rarely ever get angry with him. You want to know the difference between a boy and a man?" I only waited a half.

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How do I tell him I want to be spanked without flat out saying it. I just wish my husband would spank me. I'm sort of shy (I know being shy seems silly since we're married) but I've never been spanked before and just have a strong desire for it and don't know how to ask? . Hi, I am 30 years old. Been married for 12 years. For the most part always had a great sex life. I can tell my husband how I want and what I want and all that. I have told him I want it rough and he has spanked me and choked me and done anal and all that. I tell him it isn't rough enough. He really.

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Now, my husband asked me to discipline him. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. It doesn’t feel natural to me. There is no point in contacting Mr L. because my husband will not get spanked by a man. And, I wouldn’t want him to agree to that either. Mrs L. only spanks her husband. My Husband Wants to Be Spanked, But I'm Just Not Into It restaurant and have the cocktail you deserve while your husband gets the spanking he deserves. married men who want to be tied up.

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ROWAN PELLING'S SEX ADVICE: My husband wants me to start spanking him Most watched News videos ISIS 'women' are allegedly fighting against SDF in the front line. Say to him, “I want you to spank me.” He’ll probably like the idea and might want to get home before the appetizers arrive. Or you could wait and say, “Spank me,” while you are having sex. Maybe you can bite him or slap him on the butt. Then you can tell him that you deserve a spanking for doing that.
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Aug 03, · How can I tell him I want to be spanked!? How embarrassing is this. I've been with my fella for 10 years now, and I really want to get into the whole s&m thingy, or whatever its called lol. failing that invest in some pvc gear and a spanking paddle and suprise him! my husband would be thrilled if i asked for this. , #8. This story is about a woman who loves to spank her husband. Spanking him hard really turns her on, which seems to be a rare and precious trait. This story is a stylistic experiment. "I'll take the spanking you want to give me" John said I could tell that he was having a hard time a hard time keeping his bottom up and I had to warn him.

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