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Thumb supports effectively treat Gamekeeper’s Thumb, collateral ligament injuries, tendonitis, and thumb sprains caused by trauma, sports, or overuse. For short-term stabilization, these splints limit motion at both MP and CMC joints while minimizing impact on hand function. Determine level of immobilization required.

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In addition, the thumb immobilization splint can position the thumb before surgery [Geisser ]. The splint provides support and positioning after traumatic thumb injuries, such as sprains, joint dislocations, ligament injuries, and scaphoid fractures.

- After the immobilization stage in a cast, hand may be positioned in a forearm-based thumb immobilization splint with the thumb in a position for function (lightly contacts the index and middle finger pads with wrist in neutral).5/5(1). Static Wrist and thumb immobilization splint guide. Do the same with the bottom corners. Stretch out the length and width and stick the seam along its entire length.
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thumb relax, wrist in slight extension, forearm supinated 6. Position thermoplastic over volar surface of the hand and forearm, CENTERED, and mold 7. Form the thumb piece by softly contouring the ulnar aspect of the piece through the web space 8. Bring the radial portion of thumb dorsally and over the ulnar aspect in the thumb.

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Treating a Thumb Injury with a Thumb Splint. These thumb orthoses can also be used for post-operative rehabilitation, post-cast removal, or as a cast substitute for long-term use. In addition, thumb spica wrist braces are used to provide additional support, stability, and immobilization for . Thumb Spica is an orthopedic cast or thumb splint used for therapeutic immobilization of thumb injuries. It keeps the thumb in a fixed position called the “glass holding position”. This not only allows the undisturbed torn ligament or fracture healing, but also helps us to perform a few activities, like holding a glass or a book and so on.

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Finger, thumb CMC immobilization splints, type 1, typically hold the hand and thumb CMC in an antideformity, "safe," position or in a functional position (Fig. , A,B). Often recommended for rheumatoid arthritic patients as resting or night splints, type 1 finger, thumb CMC immobilization splints are used with a variety of diagnoses. part of the splint while decreasing the bulk in the first web. Keep the end of the flange flat. 4. Positioning splint (Figure 2) • When placing the splinting material on the hand, position the pattern just proximal to the thumb MP joint. The splint must allow full MP flexion but be high enough to support the first metacarpal adequately.

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The hand splint is for external immobilization for stable fracture of hand and wrist, nerve tendon injury, function site rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, and, immobilization for fracture of forearm distal or wrist joint, function. The Rheuma Thumb Stabilizing Support Splint is a comfortable and easy to wear thumb support that is designed for use in the treatment of arthritis, ligament injuries to the CMC or MP joints, and mild hyperextension problems.
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Study 50 Thumb Immobilization Splints flashcards from Erika C. on StudyBlue. Study 50 Thumb Immobilization Splints flashcards from Erika C. on StudyBlue. Flashcards. Sign Up Purpose of Thumb spica splint. Immobilize. Protect. Rest. Position all or one thumb CMC, MP IP Joint while allowing other digits to be free. CMC is what type of joint. Splint materials are 1/16”, 3/32” or 1/8” thick. Splint materials vary in character – vary by memory, amount of drape, rigidity, perforated or solid. Lastly, they come with almost any color. - Used for distal finger injuries for protection and support.  Used for greater support and protection of the wrist/forearm.

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