Buddhism and masturbation

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However, Buddhism could agree with contemporary medical opinion that masturbation is a normal expression of the sexual drive and is physically and psychologically harmless, as long as it does not become a preoccupation or a substitute for ordinary sexual relations.

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Sep 29, · But if masturbation aids you in becoming more compassionate to others, couldn't is be seen as advantageous? And if you had a choice between promiscuous behaviour that can lead to physical, mental and emotional suffering, masturbation seems far healthier.

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Masturbation: Does it break the 3rd precept? Ask Question 4. Depending on your goals with Buddhism, frequent masturbation is generally violating that precept because it harms the body. Frequent masturbation is all sorts of sexual misconduct and harms the body-mind.

Aug 08, · Theravada Buddhism Community Buddhism Discussion Forum Dhamma Life Connections to Other Paths Hot Topics masturbation what's wrong? Some topics tend to get heated and go off track in unwholesome ways quite quickly. Disclaimer: A Sexual topic follows. Please don’t read further if you are likely to be offended or think the topic is inappropriate. I debated the appropriateness of the topic, and came to the conclusion that others are probably wondering the same thing. Buddhism doesn’t condemn masturbation, unless you’re a monk, which I doubt is the.
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Buddhism also stresses the importance of compassion and mindfullness, so it is theoretically possible that if masturbation would allow for one to abstain from greater sexual misconduct which may harm another sentient being, it is permissible and even encourageable under the circumstances.

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So it appears that masturbation is "kosher" for non-ordained Buddhist practitioners. However, just because something is permitted doesn't mean it's recommended, and you should use your own judgment to determine if it's a skillful or an unskillful act. Just wondering what buddhism thinks of masturbation and pornography. Pornography and mastubation. sagara. May edited May in Buddhism Basics. Just wondering what buddhism thinks of masturbation and pornography. I mean, we are all lay people, but at the same time we know that masturbation and pornography is not good for us, so what.

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Buddhism and sexuality Jump to navigation Jump to search. Part of a wrote an essay called 'Buddhism and Sex' in which he presented Buddha's essential teaching on human sexuality and its relationship to the goal (nibbana). Sexual misconduct for monks and nuns includes masturbation. Buddhist Sexual Ethics Buddhism's very tough sexual ethic would be complete without the third precept. of forbidden sexual practices. Some object to partial or total nudity, or masturbation, or cross-dressing, or sado-masochism, or homosexuality, or fetishism, or premarital sex, or oral, anal or group sex, or contracepted sex.

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