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Dancing Through Israel and Worshiping with The Living Stones!
Sukkot Tabernacles 2016 ~ October 13th - October 25th, 2016
Updated Information Below: Registration, Brochure, Itinerary (Click and Open Word.doc Files)
2016 Sukkot Israel Tour Basic Information By clicking on the link, you will see basic tour information including price on Word doc. 438 KB
Dancing Through Israel Registration Form Click on the link to view and download a registration form. 228 KB
MDCI Sukkot Daily Itinerary Click on link to view and download daily itinerary. 207 KB
Dance List For Israel
Abba (Original 4 or New 6)
All The World (Original 8)
Blessed Are You (Original 4 or New 6)
Bo Ruach Elohim/Come Holy Spirit (Original 4)
Chag Sameach (WIB 2)
Come Join The Dance (WIB 1)
Congregation Of The Righteous (Original 3)
Eretz Zavat Chelev (Aliyah 2)
Glorious (7)
Great Compassionate God (5 part 2)
Great Is The Lord) (5 part 1)
Halleluet Adonai (7)
Hiney Ma Tov (WIB 2)
Jerusalem Peace (WIB 4)
King Of All The Earth (WIB 1)
Kulanu K'echad (7)
Lo Lanu (WIB 1)
Ma Navu (WIB 4)
Or Chadash (WIB 2)
O Israel (Aliyah 4)
Rachman Rachem (Aliyah 2)
The Aaronic Blessing (Aliyah 1)
Tremble O Earth (Aliyah 3)
Unto You (Aliyah 1)

Pricing Will Be The Same as last year. However, we will have One Additional Day/Eve in the Land. $4,195 Double Occupancy ("Sharing a Room") from Gateway City New York/Newark
Please contact us with any questions regarding the tour. 
Ralph and Mindy Seta, M.D.C.I.
PO Box 50697
Henderson, NV  89016
(775) 283-8080